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Copywriting Face/Off: Harry’s vs. Dollar Shave Club

Copywriting Face/Off: Harry's vs. Dollar Shave Club

This week, we’re taking the copy from the above-the-fold areas on two prominent brands’ home pages and pitting them against each other.

Who are the contenders? Our two favorite purveyors of quality, reasonably-priced razors and bathroom accessories, Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s!

Harry’s was co-founded by Jeff Raider, who also co-founded the company that made everyone want to wear glasses, Warby Parker. As the company website says:

Harry’s was built out of respect for quality craftsmanship, simple design, modern convenience and most importantly for guys who know they shouldn’t have to overpay for a great shave.

As Dollar Shave Club Founder and CEO Mike Dubin recently told Tim Paige on the excellent ConversionCast Podcast, Dollar Shave Club was founded to “[solve] a really big problem for guys, which is that razors are overpriced and the experience of buying them in the store is really frustrating.”

While their missions may sound pretty similar, there are big differences that will become apparent as we get into this showdown. Continue reading…

The 17,000-Word Beast Ramit Sethi Created to Launch His New Course

The 17,000-Word Beast Ramit Sethi Created to Launch His New Course

Note: Don’t forget to grab the free Beastly Launch Blueprintat the end of this post.

The first time I came across Ramit Sethi’s website, I rolled my eyes.

IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com…seriously? Who the hell is this guy?

But I’d heard good things from people I trusted…

“This guy really knows how to do content.”

“His emails are incredible.”

“He’s like a cool version of Dave Ramsey who lets you still have fun.”

So I subscribed to Ramit’s email list after several recommendations over a year before writing this post. Here’s the deal:

  • All those good things I heard were completely true.
  • His free content is so good that I feel like I’ve already learned a few course worth’s of information…and I’ve never even bought anything (yeah, I’m a cheap SOB, I know).
  • The series of 23 (!) emails he just sent to launch his latest online course (not an affiliate link) is one of the best pieces of content, copywriting, and email marketing I’ve seen in a long time.

In this post, I’m going to show exactly what made Ramit’s 23-email launch sequence great and how you can apply the techniques he used to your business. Continue reading…

Short Vs. Long Copy: 5 Guidelines to Help You Decide

fire hydrant

It’s easy to find advice on how long copy should be. It’s hard to find specific advice on how long copy should be. You’ll see things like: It’s OK for it to be long, but not too long. The more expensive the product, the longer it should be. Well, it depends. And you know what? [...]

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How LeadPages Bakes Insane Anticipation Into Every Launch

How LeadPages Bakes Insane Anticipation Into Every Launch

People love to throw around words like “buzz” and “hype.” Rarely, however, do these terms actually translate to anything meaningful. They’re typical “strategies” marketing teams that aren’t really doing their jobs (*cough* getting sales *cough*) like to toss around during meetings. “We really want to create a wave of buzz all over social media and [...]

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Black Swan Marketing: The Power of What You Don’t Know

Black Swan Marketing

Picture this: An old friend you have not seen in many years invites you over to his house for a dinner party. It is in the swankiest part of town. A valet wearing a red tie takes your keys upon arrival. You walk through the front doors that are twice the height of any reasonable [...]

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5 Marketing Temptations That Sabotage Your Long-Term Efforts

Forest with fog in a dark forest in morning

There are two kinds of marketing temptations. The first is the evil kind. These are pretty self-explanatory—lying, stealing, spamming, etc. I’m not going to spend a whole post talking about why you shouldn’t do those (yet). Instead, I want to focus on the temptations that are much more difficult to resist—the temptations of convenience. The [...]

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How Trader Joe’s Writes Copy Customers Love

How Trader Joe's Writes Copy Customers Love

Mention the words “Trader Joe’s” around the right person and you’re likely to encounter the definition of a rabid fan. To you, it may just be a grocery store. To them? It’s a part of who they are as a person. Shopping is of secondary importance when one visits Trader Joe’s. The real reason is [...]

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What a Piece of Catfish and a Rock ‘n’ Roll Legend Taught Me About Sales

What a Piece of Catfish and a Rock 'n' Roll Legend Taught Me About Sales

Two and a half months ago, I ate a piece of cornmeal-crusted, pan-fried catfish. Four months ago today, Lou Reed died. These incidents–one joyous, one sad–are related. Not only to each other, but to copywriting, sales, and marketing. I promise. Let’s start at the beginning: Lou Reed’s death.

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When Words Fail: A Copywriter’s Case for Images Over Copy

Grand Canyon Sunset

“People die here falling from the edge.” That’s what the sign said. You can’t really understand why until you see the Grand Canyon in person. There are just some things words fail to do justice. So how does a dude who makes his living from words reconcile that fact? I admit to it. And then [...]

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How to Become BFFs with Your Customers

empathy featured

The other day I got a reader survey in my inbox from a prominent blogger. It was a mixture of garden-variety demographics questions and questions like “What kinds of my posts do you like the most?” It focused on audience behavior, but totally ignored the motivations behind the behavior. And why is that important? Allow [...]

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